Face Painting and Glitter Art Supplies

Hey and welcome to today’s blog post (more of a list)!

Below is a list of suggested suppliers that I use and would recommend for face painting and glitter purchases.

The majority of these suppliers I use myself. There are a couple on here I haven’t purchased from, but they come very highly recommended from other face painters. (Please note none of these are affiliate links, they are just suppliers I love).

General face painting suppliers

Magic Box face paints– Magic box has excellent customer service and is one of my favourite places to shop!! I always find what I want as their selection of paints is MASSIVE! They also supply glitter (including bio) & tattoos, large custom one stroke kits and palettes, special FX and loads more! Pop over to their site and have a mooch.

Face paints direct Another great store with an excellent selection of paints and supplies.

The Face painting shop– The Face Painting Shop is another great one stop shop for all your supplies. 

Dauphines- I haven’t shopped at Dauphine’s for a while now, but they definitely need a mention as their customer service is so great! I still remember a call I had 5 years ago with a gentleman that worked there. He was exceptional and really brightened my day.

Yorkshire Face Paints– I placed my first order last night! I have only ever heard amazing things. Lots of painty, as well as bling supplies and double sided medical tape. Donna also does some ace tutorials on her Facebook page too.

Festival Glitter

Rainbow Sparkles– Their glitter gels are to die for! They are heaped full of sparkles. They also do some amazing coloured fine glitter too which is great for tattoos. Rose who sells rainbow sparkles really knows her stuff and often does glitter demos on her Facebook page.

LG London– a massive selection of festival, fine and bio glitter with bling added in too, all at very reasonable prices. Definitely the place to shop if you are putting together a glitter bar.

Cazi’s Crafty Creations– Has just started selling her own glitter pots and mixes. She is adding bio glitter to the catalogue soon!

Bio Glitter

Glitter Lution The original bio glitter. A massive selection including different sizes and mixes.

Bespoke One Stoke Palettes

Sally- Ann Lynch Sally’s palettes come in an array of original and beautiful colours. I believe if you have a specific request you can get in touch with her to order.

Cazi’s Crafty Creations– Cazi has recently started making bespoke palettes, and people on the painty Facebook groups are loving them. Her main palette includes all the one strokes you need to get started.

Practice Boards

Sally-Ann Lynch- Loads of sizes, good quality and great to use as a display. Sally does a large A2 board with 12 faces on that is excellent for this.

The Fancy Fairy Boards- Great and affordable practice boards. I often decorate my plain A4 boards and use them as signs that are part of my display.

Cases and kits

Craft N Go Craft N Go are awesome paint stations made specifically for face painters. They are imported from America and are on the pricey side, but man they are beautiful, sturdy cases in amazing colours!

Fantasy Face Paint Case- I haven’t had the pleasure of using the Fantasy face paint case, but I have heard great things. Emma and her husband who supply the cases have great customer service and reply quickly to queries.

Glitter tattoo suppliers

Glitter Body Art Online Their glitter tattoo stencils are the cheapest I have found. They have a huge selection of glitter including festival and bio glitter at awesome prices. All my orders from them have always arrived quickly and well packaged.


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